01. Advertising is important for customers

Just imagine without an advertisement television or a newspaper or a radio channel! No, nobody can imagine this any day. In customer life, advertising plays a very significant role. Customers are the individuals who only purchase the item after being informed about the products on the market. If the product is not advertised, no client will find out what products are accessible and will not purchase the item even if the product has been to their advantage. Another thing is that advertising helps individuals discover the best products for themselves, their children, and their families. When they come to learn about the product range, they can compare the products and purchase so that after spending their precious cash they get what they want. Advertising is therefore essential to the clients.

02. For the vendor and the businesses manufacturing the products, advertising is essential

Yes, advertising plays a very significant role for manufacturers and product vendors, because I publicity helps to increase revenues,
1. advertising helps manufacturers or businesses understand their competitors and plan to satisfy the level of competition accordingly. 
2. If any business wishes to launch or bring a fresh item on the market, advertising will provide a basis for the product. Advertising helps to raise awareness of the new product for customers to come and try the product
3. Advertising enables the business to create goodwill and gain customer loyalty after a mature era.  4.    Product demand continues to come with the assistance of advertising and demand, and supply becomes a method that never ends.

 03. Advertising is important for society

Advertising enables individuals to be educated. There are also some social issues that publicity deals with such as child labour, liquor consumption, 
girl child killing, smoking, family planning education, etc.

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